The seedling for setting up of Nth Starr (pronounced as “North Star”) started back in 3 years ago during a trip to Bhutan. The photo above you see is the actual quotation that struck me during that fateful trip. This quotation caused me to reflect deeply into what I really want in life and why I do what I do. At the end of it all, I decided that corporate world and climbing the corporate ladder is not for me. That was my past, which I became what I was at that point, unhappy, unfulfilled and lost in life. So my future me will depend on what I do now... spending my three years in learning the ropes of the trade as a coach and meditation teacher to reach where I am now, which is my future at that moment in time 3 years ago. I see that I have a higher calling and a strong passion to Make A Difference, hence my war cry of “Go MAD at every opportunity!”
Nth Starr is set up as a vehicle for me to provide personal development coaching and training workshops. The areas that I cover includes mindfulness, resilience, stress management, how to live a happier, more positive and fulfillment in life. I believe that it all starts in our minds, thus the concentration on meditation and the title of this note, Master Your Mind, Master Your Destiny!
Why Nth Starr for the name of the company? Simple explanation: “nth” can also be seen as the power of infinity, which stands for our human potential. As a coach, I believe and see that each one of us, regardless of situation and circumstances, has very high potential waiting to be unleashed. This will allow a person to gain confidence, reach their dreams and achieve their goals. “Nth Starr” as Northern Star is the constant star that provides direction for sailors and navigators to find their bearings and location. Just like this star, I believe that coaching and training help to provide that constancy, self awareness (knowing where one is now) and direction to grow and go (action plans and milestones of life). “Starr” is spelt with a double “r”s as it reflects that the person behind this company is none other than me, Robin!
This is the simplified story behind how this company, Nth Starr came to being and why it was setup. I look forward to put my 110% forward in each coaching, training and consulting projects I am given as a way in contributing to increasing the happiness and positivity level in this modern world. To be given this opportunity and chance by life, I am truly grateful and blessed, for I believe as much as I have chosen to do this, life has chose me as well!