• Getting the right colleagues onboard

We can help you tell your story to candidates that have the skills and experience your business

needs to be successful. We’ll shape your message and get it out in the right places so that the

people you want to talk to are inspired to find out more.

• Helping them get with your agenda and enabling

you to understand theirs

What is your purpose? What are you bringing to the world around you and how are you contributing

to society? These are all important questions for you to answer as they provide the context for the

roles you have on offer and give a sense of direction. Equally how well do you know people that you

need to make your business successful? Do you know them as well as you know your customers?

What’s important to them? What motivates them and why? When you find the overlap between

your goals and their aspirations you can achieve amazing things for your business.

We’ll help you use a range of tools from games, to films and from message platforms to surveys

and events to identify that overlap and create a connection.

• Why we think it matters

While it has long been acknowledged that employees are a company’s most important asset,

this becomes even more significant when you properly recognise the critical link employees

have with a company’s other pretty important asset, its customers. With these audiences

often managed by separate functions, it’s easy to see how opportunities to fully leverage

the customer/employee dynamic get missed.

It doesn’t matter how many millions of dollars you spend marketing your brand if the actual

experience doesn’t live up to the promises. Equally, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars

trying to gain customer insights when your employees probably know most of the answers.

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